Why The Education System Is Failing Our Children

What’s the Biden Administration doing (a) to help the 15 to 43% of children who are emotionally traumatized within the US, (b) to assist the three million children that are hungry and have to ask the teacher for food as well as (c) to provide schools with the proper tools to help teach children to write and read?

The answer is that , as an outcome of the case of Citizens United in 2010 which permitted unlimited spending during elections, government decisions are purchased with campaign contributions that are legalized bribery.

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Children aren’t able to vote, which means they can’t compete with corporate interests in places of power that are flooded with lobbyists’ cash.

The politicians in the state are ignorant of the educational system.
For example, the current Democratic candidate in the governor’s seat in Virginia, Terry McAuliffe recently said that parents don’t have the authority to decide what should be on school curricula.

The Governor was , arguably using his position for political reasons, appealing in the direction of the Teachers Union and the School Boards.

However, if the person who is aspiring to lead the state’s budget does not be aware that the public schools belong to taxpayers who pay for them, how can he be counted on to make changes to the system?

The people may provide the money for public schools but half of the funds come from property taxes which generate huge funding gaps between wealthy and impoverished communities. A more equitable approach would be using state taxes to fund the schools a la Indiana and Michigan.

Young people are society’s most valuable treasure. But society is failing them. Children who have experienced trauma are unable to be taught and are more prone to violence. Children who have low nutrition levels cannot learn to read or write, and have a higher chance of ending up at a prison institution instead of a school of higher education.

The shortcomings of our educational system aren’t just restricting opportunities for our best and brightest students, but also is causing us to fall in the rankings of the world, especially in the fields of math and science.

Constitutionally when the government fails to do its task, it is the duty of the people to intervene to do the right thing..

First, we must pass an Constitutional Amendment to reverse Citizens United and restore democracy in our electoral process.

In addition, it is important to stop voting against rather than for an individual candidate. It allows candidates who are not otherwise deserving of public office.

Young people have an untapped source of talent, and it is imperative to give them the tools they need to be successful, like eliminating student debt which stultifies growth.

This requires an Department of Children and Youth to establish trauma-informed educational programs, wrap-around services, restorative justice, conflict resolution, mindfulness and mental health services in schools.

The elected officials must be properly scrutinized and accountable for what they do, and always remembering that they serve the people and not the other way around.

PS. I am grateful to Marianne Williamson, former Democratic Presidential candidate
to some ideas discussed in this article.

Victor A. Dixon Author and social scientist, Bi-lingual Lives at Boynton Beach, Florida

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