Lord Shiva: The Pioneer of Disruptive Innovation

“May my elements from creation abide within me in perfection.

The most amazing thing that could be created in the world be made by me, by us, and by all living creatures.

I am honored by this divine potential manifested by Shiva for the benefit of all mankind.”

– (Panchakshri Mantra.)

Time is an amazing transformational tool that experiences our four stages of life . It also determines our entire life on an endless, cosmic space. It is forever, born out of the breath of a divine energy nourishing the cosmos. We have witnessed the natural world being utilized as tiny tools in hands of Eternal time. From rumbling tremors to the sweeping tsunami, the shivering feelings of earthquakes, or the fury of a volcano we have witnessed all these natural catastrophes play out on the earth.

Mythology affirms that God transcends time or form, space as well as sound. It also holds the power to build or destroy time and the universe in a matter of seconds.

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God Shiva is the god of eternity, who is full of life and power that commands destruction as well as transformational creativity. He is represented in his colossal form Van sales Horley of Rudra, as an evil form of the mighty destruction, turning everything into nothing. Shiva has destroyed the world numerous times, in various ways, either subtle or harsh and yet, as he recreates the universe precisely, we’re unable to comprehend how he recreated or destroyed? He’s a goldsmith dissolving the jewelry to create pure gold, which can then be used to make a new adornment using amazing design and precision.

Shiva represents the higher Self that is the place where one is ready to go beyond the limitations of time and to evolve into a cosmic reality.

Shiv In a literal sense, Shiv is the pioneer in the field of evolution and ingenuity.

Innovation is driving new products into the market to face survival times. Not only organizations but countries and continents are racing to create a robust innovation culture which opens the door of sustainability for them. Moving ahead, even individuals are able to innovate by acquiring new techniques, growing their skills, personality, and knowledge, and integrating innovation into their area to be more acknowledged and more successful.

With more than ten types of market innovation disruptive innovation is an innovation that alters the existing arrangements and brings more enhancements or benefits with value added to make the experience more effectively. The attributes are derived from research conducted by users targeted at specific consumer base to provide a definite contour within the larger Disruptive innovation terminology.

Tandava is a vigorous form of Shiva’s dance , which disintegrates for a new process to create, preserve, disruption and renewal in the universe. It is a symbol of life cycles that include creating and destructing like everyday rhythms of life and death. This is how the Tandava tool helps balance this perishable world. Tandava is Shiva’s powerful instrument for disruption and innovation, which is the basis of new creation.

The crescent moon of the Shiva signify that it is essential to maintain a flawless mind and be aware of our surroundings. This attribute is crucial to innovators , as they need to be able to comprehend the entire scope of the market and stay alert to the changes in the market. Moon means that innovators should think for a hundred times, and then make a move.

Shiva is sitting on or wrapped in a tiger’s skin in his meditative trance looking forward to his next creative cycle. The tiger skin symbolizes high potential energy for the wearer and is believed to be the crucial characteristic of an innovator. The potential energy of the innovator should be a vital element driving the entire innovation process to accomplish the goal.

Thomas Edison, Wright brothers, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Sergey Bin, Bill Gates and many others who have achieved their goals from their own potential.

Kamandalu, a vessel filled with nectar is always spotted on the ground in front of Shiva. It is not made out of silver or gold, but rather a dried pumpkin. Similarly, innovators should focus on utilization of natural resources respect for the environment, save energy, and make sustainability the primary goal when innovation is created.

Hour Glass Drum is combination of two triangles separated by a thin line structure. The drum known as damru can be used as a sound source for Tandava dance. The sound of drum is only heard in deep meditation. As an innovator, the drum is an instrument for user research , where the creators must listen to the needs of users, their preferences in deep attention and empathy.

The flowing Ganga emanating from Shiva’s copper-matt long and sensuous tresses symbolizes enthusiasm, fertility and noble cause for preserving the earth’s life. Innovation must be conducted with full-on enthusiasm, enthusiasm and energy however, the philosophy of human welfare is essential to ensure the wellbeing of both society and humans.

Snakes necklace and Rudrakshas symbolize law, order and justice which are the foundations of any science, not just the science of disruption. The invention should not harm the harmony or health of the world.

Trident represents action, willpower understanding, and willpower are the three primary attributes of any disruptive innovator. The innovator should possess the ability to transform his ideas into action with incredible willpower and a vast knowledge.

Nandi the bull watching for Shiva to rise from meditation, and to listen to the universe. He eradicates ignorance; leaves wisdom upon Shiva’s followers. This is the way that innovators should teach people of the importance of innovation and how we mutually can advance the technology.

His dance in the hot red flames, rising from his tongue and left hand tells us all will be consumed over an extended period of time and consequently we have to maintain the rate.

Lord Shiv and his Shiv-tattav (principles) reproduce power in reality are also the fundamental elements of disruptive innovation. When we link these amazing symbolism, myths, and cosmic tools to the science of Disruption Innovation, it becomes visible that the God of Destruction is the first pioneer of Disruption Innovation.


Mobile Oil Change Vans and Packages Available

There are many who wish to get into the mobile oil change industry and there are many packages available on the Internet for this. Being in the mobile auto services for over 27 years, it has always been an area of curiosity to me to know how to best put together the perfect van or rig setup to be the most efficient that it could be.

In this way, you will be able to best provide the best customer service and also earn money as well. Since you’re running a small business regardless of how small, one of your main goals is to earn money, isn’t it? So, just recently I was approached Car directory by a gentleman to let him know how much it will cost to purchase a mobile oil change van and package.

Well, we do not sell Mobile Oil Change Vans, or products. I’m not able to comprehend the reason for this or what prompted him to this false and untrue thoughts. We don’t sell any products or Offer anything to the public? Yet having been in the auto mobile service business , he believed we offered items for other businesses to establish their business? I’ll let you know that this market is way too wonderful to not share.

Nevertheless I do have some thoughts on this ready-to-go Mobile Oil Change Business Opportunity Sector, since I know some basics about the industry. But before I can give any suggestions, I need to be aware of his market Area and the types of customers, and the number of vehicles proposed per day or perhaps I’ll be able send him a web address of someone who does sell the products. Perhaps assist him in finding the equipment needed so you can build one yourself.

When it comes to who sells the most efficient products or has the best price, frequently it’s more dependent on your requirements and specs as opposed to who has the top so-called “Package” because packages are made by people who make assumptions on your requirements, and as such, packages are not necessarily the best. That is to say they are built by people who put pieces together to make a package, and they also find their own suppliers, which means, they often fall short in the end-user’s needs. Does this make sense to you? Take a look at this in 2006.



Buying Vans and Light Commercial Vehicles?

Trucks make business happen in Britain”If you bought it, it’s likely that a truck brought it’ like the old adage goes. They are unquestionably beneficial as they transport large amounts of tonnage on long haul journeys nationally often internationally, and sometimes over some of the most hazardous ice flats in the world. The issue is that when you want your goods to arrive at their destination, they generally require something smaller. In this way you can think of trucks as syringes, and the humble Van as the needle that precisely distribute the goods in smaller quantities to precisely where they are needed.

It is not a surprise it is that vans as well as Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) have their own distinct niche and are as significant than their more powerful Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) counterparts.

What makes the LCV so popular though? They’re cheaper to operate than HGVs, and will be less costly to purchase at first. What makes LCVs are distinct however Van sales Horley is their flexibility. They can be re-equipped and re-fitted to serve a myriad of purposes, from the transportation of retail goods to providing roadside repair and maintenance services, such as puncture repair or tire fitting.

In a situation where one HGV vehicle can just move heavy objects while an LCV fleet is able to perform an array of tasks. A few franchises in business are run from the back of transit vans due to this reason. This is an incredible feat.

According to statistics released from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, new commercial vehicle registrations increased year-on-year until 2005 showing healthy growth. When you check the following annual statistics to as late as 2009 however the number of commercial vehicle registrations actually decreases; more so as of 2007, which dropped to 186.386 in 2009, down from the robust year end figure of 329,599 in 2004 – a decrease of 43.4 percentage, no less. I’m sure that the massive drop of 2007 is due to an unstable economic situation, both British as well as global. When times are uncertain, one of the first things businesses make is to try to reduce expenditure. What better way to do that than by reducing the cost of your fleet?

The point I’m trying to get across is that there is plenty of 2004 LCVs on the marketplace. Where new commercial vehicle registrations decline, used vehicle purchases are likely to increase. Why? Because used vehicles are obviously cheaper. This opens up a possibility for small business owners as well as fleet managers as there’s more potential for them to add to their fleets at a lower cost. With the number of 2004 reg vehicles on the market, you can buy a fresh fleet that will last for years to come, and all while keeping a tighter budget.

This highlights the important of conducting research prior to searching for used vans, trucks and commercial fleet as it helps you narrow your search and possibly make it easier to save time. In addition, by conducting this study it is possible to find specific areas in which you could be in a position to purchase high-quality products where other buyers would never think to look. Best of all, every bit of information is available for free on Internet when the user knows where to search.

So, by carrying out your research, you’ve discovered a specific type of vehicle and year that can be seen as a potential niche. You only need to explore the market and locate these. To find something like this it is possible to go to used vehicle auctions or, more intriguingly auctions for used cars both in person and online.



Why The Education System Is Failing Our Children

What’s the Biden Administration doing (a) to help the 15 to 43% of children who are emotionally traumatized within the US, (b) to assist the three million children that are hungry and have to ask the teacher for food as well as (c) to provide schools with the proper tools to help teach children to write and read?

The answer is that , as an outcome of the case of Citizens United in 2010 which permitted unlimited spending during elections, government decisions are purchased with campaign contributions that are legalized bribery.

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Children aren’t able to vote, which means they can’t compete with corporate interests in places of power that are flooded with lobbyists’ cash.

The politicians in the state are ignorant of the educational system.
For example, the current Democratic candidate in the governor’s seat in Virginia, Terry McAuliffe recently said that parents don’t have the authority to decide what should be on school curricula.

The Governor was , arguably using his position for political reasons, appealing in the direction of the Teachers Union and the School Boards.

However, if the person who is aspiring to lead the state’s budget does not be aware that the public schools belong to taxpayers who pay for them, how can he be counted on to make changes to the system?

The people may provide the money for public schools but half of the funds come from property taxes which generate huge funding gaps between wealthy and impoverished communities. A more equitable approach would be using state taxes to fund the schools a la Indiana and Michigan.

Young people are society’s most valuable treasure. But society is failing them. Children who have experienced trauma are unable to be taught and are more prone to violence. Children who have low nutrition levels cannot learn to read or write, and have a higher chance of ending up at a prison institution instead of a school of higher education.

The shortcomings of our educational system aren’t just restricting opportunities for our best and brightest students, but also is causing us to fall in the rankings of the world, especially in the fields of math and science.

Constitutionally when the government fails to do its task, it is the duty of the people to intervene to do the right thing..

First, we must pass an Constitutional Amendment to reverse Citizens United and restore democracy in our electoral process.

In addition, it is important to stop voting against rather than for an individual candidate. It allows candidates who are not otherwise deserving of public office.

Young people have an untapped source of talent, and it is imperative to give them the tools they need to be successful, like eliminating student debt which stultifies growth.

This requires an Department of Children and Youth to establish trauma-informed educational programs, wrap-around services, restorative justice, conflict resolution, mindfulness and mental health services in schools.

The elected officials must be properly scrutinized and accountable for what they do, and always remembering that they serve the people and not the other way around.

PS. I am grateful to Marianne Williamson, former Democratic Presidential candidate
to some ideas discussed in this article.

Victor A. Dixon Author and social scientist, Bi-lingual Lives at Boynton Beach, Florida


Message From the Universe

“Sure, I used to believe in accidents, coincidences, and chance… until one day that I will never forget, when I stared out at the world through your own eyes and heard it through your ears, felt it in your heart, all while thinking of your own thoughts, and all at when I realized that you had become everything I’d ever dreamed you’d be.

It was an impressive effort.
The Universe”

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IF the Universe trusts in you, then I’d recommend you to go out and pursue your goals. Take a moment to look at yourself from the outside. Look back over the years and see the present situation. We often criticize ourselves for the things we do not have or the wealth that we’ve never gotten, for the body we’ve fought to get but can’t, for the job we have been searching for but couldn’t locate. Everyday we ask ourselves why we aren’t blessed with the things we want or hope for. IF the adage: “Thoughts become things” is true, then we must ask ourselves: “Where are my things?. Everyday, I am filled with positive thoughts, but nothing comes of it. Why do my dreams do not come true?”. Let me ask you this question. Are your actions and beliefs in line with your beliefs? Do you think it’s just a thought process or do you really believe or understand what you’re asking? The Universe is a force that is simple that is a combination of not just the Laws of gravity but also the laws of Attraction. The Universe will answer your requests if you communicate clearly and concisely with it. But, this is only possible if that you’ve done all you can to stay true to yourself. You can’t engage in mind-games with the Universe. It is essential to work on realigning your thoughts to your beliefs or you’ll see a lack of any results. Inevitably, you will give up on the Laws of Attraction. It is the basis of causality. It is among the most fundamental laws in the Universe.

No one is perfect nor is it possible to claim they are near to being perfect. There are baggages that brings into our lives . It is our responsibility to decide what baggage to leave at the airport and the ones that we should bring into our lives. Learner baggage is the best to keep. You want to better yourself throughout the process of becoming a greater person. Do not be scared of who you are, because you realize that fear is a product of your mind. Einstein once said that “Problems aren’t solved by the mind that made them.” Are you really willing to solve all problems and not know how to solve them? There are some who might be confused by the quote because it might cause you to wonder about the source of each problems that you will be able to resolve. You might say: “Well, Dan, at work, I’m an expert in problem solving and I can solve problems, so what’s the issue?” That is because the problem that came to your wasn’t created by your own mind. It was an external problem that your mind is taught to solve due to your experiences and knowledge. External assistance is needed to resolve emotional turmoil/problems that you create in your mind. In order to find a solution it is necessary to seek an outside perspective. We have psychologists, life coaches psychiatrists, and other experts to assist you. With this new information, do not feel that you are not worthy of assistance from other people, you will be sure to get quick solutions and progress towards your objectives.


Making Money Blogging Step by Step

I’ve been doing a Blog for a while in the past and I’d like to have could have known what I know now. The challenge of creating the process of starting a Blog and figuring out the best way to go about it is that there’s no a step by step source in plain direct simple English so I’ve put together this page for you. This isn’t perfect but it’s an amalgamation of what I’ve learned about blogging and making blogging money over the past few months . I’m sure there’s plenty to improve in this, so you should use it as an approximate guide.

A foundation of information is better than none in any way and you’ll need to begin with your feet planted on the ground. The following guide is a good starting point for those who just want to start a blog but aren’t interested in making money or if you want to blog and earn a little money without having to do any additional work. Sounds like a good deal, OK! The first section of this tutorial begins with finding a domain name. If you’re already familiar with it, you can skip over and move on to Section 2. Note that a complete updated version of this guide including more hyperlinks is available on the Blog found in the Resources Section.

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(Optional) Section 1. Registering a Domain For Your Blog

The first thing you have to do is to register a Domain Name for Your Blog. I would recommend that you utilize a COM domain. Also, attempt to find the simplest, shortest name you can think of without numbers or dashes. It is likely that the names of single domains have all been taken, so try to think of a short phrase or something memorable and you’ll be able to discover something that is available within some time. I don’t recommend using the terms net, org etc., no matter what the name because people tend to forget anything but com, and if you go with net, it is likely that people will use the word COM instead, and you will be giving another site free traffic , losing your own. When you have found a Com that you can use for your blog, I’d suggest going ahead and register it on Godaddy, which is incredibly cheap. If you don’t want anyone else to know you are the owner of the domain. This would include unlisting your name,number,address and email address, it’ll cost you another $10 per year or so for Private Registration, I would suggest doing this to protect your privacy. In essence, the contact information you provide them must match your credit card and financial details. After you have registered, make sure to keep a record from your Godaddy Password numbers in a secure and secure location. It is likely that you will need hosting space for your blog site and blogging software. These will be revealed in the following chapters. Don’t sign up with Godaddy Hosting if you want to go with the company I would recommend for anything, including hosting.

Section 2. AdSense

Google AdSense is the easiest earned money you’ll ever make in your life and there’s no cost to you, should you choose to use AdSense. If you’re not interested in making side money from AdSense do not place it on your website it’s up to you. The little Google ads and occasional larger image ads appearing on web pages are AdSense. The way AdSense works is you join for free the program. You can opt out of it anytime you wish and then Google put these ads up on your site or blog. All anyone needs to do is click an ad on your blog and you’ll get paid anywhere from 1 cent to possibly even $10 per click. The average is 20 cents. That’s a lot the amount if I receive 40 clicks a day or more. How much you get paid is contingent on a range of things , and you must study AdSense rules and policies. AdSense will pay you when you’ve reached the $100 mark and then you start again. I’ve earned hundreds of dollars in a few months which is pretty impressive for a job that isn’t even hard! Simply put, the more traffic your blog draws and the more clicks you have and the more money you make. Google is quite strict about clicking on legitimate websites and if they find that you in violation of their rules and they decide to remove you from their site permanently, without a chance to reinstate you in the long run! It is essential to go through their policies and rules a few times for AdSense. The key thing to remember is not click on your own advertisements and don’t let your friends or relatives do the same. Also, do not solicit people to click the ads on your blog or you’ll get banned from AdSense. The best way to avoid this is to simply place ads on your site and not say anything. Also, make sure to read their guidelines on what they will allow AdSense on. The Blog software I was using already had AdSense in the program. My blog is linked to the Resources Section.

I’ll be talking about and giving you a contact address in Section 4. In most other blogs as from my knowledge need to manually insert the AdSense Codes on the pages. The WordPress Blog software I use does not require it.

Section 3. E-Commerce via Your Blog

I use a program that’s called The Easy Store that’s a part of my Blog or the reverse Versa. The Easy Store basically lets you set up a niche store with any or all Amazon’s products . For all products purchased , you receive a commission of 46% as a general rule that is paid directly to Amazon. The Easy Store isn’t free but it is likely to cost you if you have them do an image for you at $200. Without a logo probably around $120. The software isn’t difficult and the Software including the Blog software is installed for free through Zeus Design who will go over everything with you , and be available for technical help. My Gifts Shop in Resources is an easy-to-use store.

Section 4. Getting the Blog (WordPress) Software and AdSense, E-Commerce , and Hosting If You Would Like

As I mentioned before I have used Zeus Design to do everything for me. I am delighted with everything they’ve done for me. This isn’t intended to be an infomercial as its my personal, un-compensated endorsement of a company I’m extremely satisfied with, who do outstanding, quick, reliable, high-quality work and is very extremely pleasant to work with. If you’d like to deal with any other company, I can only tell you what I have worked with and your welcome to deal with them. If you are interested in an identical WordPress Blog as mine, with AdSense installed, and an Easy Store as part of the Blog and Hosting, I recommend you contact Zeus Design.

The cost in my view is reasonable and reasonable. And, as I’ve said I encourage you to look through different companies.


Implementing Blog Marketing Online

Blog marketing on the internet is a huge thing. Every major website is based as a blog, or has an active and entertaining blog linked to it. So , why shouldn’t you? Why aren’t using blogs as part of your overall strategy for online marketing? This is a pivotal inquiry, considering that there are numerous individuals who are using blogs solely for the sole purpose of being able to earn money online. This is why implementing a blog’s marketing strategy online is is absolutely vital for your success.

There are many who view blogs as tools that only professional chefs use to interact with their fans and followers. But that’s not true. Blogs can be used for a variety of reasons and some of these reasons are what I’m going on to discuss today. Never underestimate the power that blogs can bring about sales, boost readership and engagement, and also to help build your reputation.

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Trend Press Wire

This is a reason simple people are drawn to blogging for marketing on the internet:

1) Creating a professional blog is EASIER than creating a website

Do you have any knowledge of HTML? CSS? Javascript? PHP? All of them are code languages utilized by web developers to develop websites. With blogs, you can skip these by using easy “themes” that come complete and ready for use. For example the most popular blogging platform known as WordPress has themes can be modified to make it look like that you paid someone $100’s dollars to do.

With themes, you can connect it directly to the WordPress dashboard, and edit it the way you think best. There are tons of themes that are both free and premium out there. But you can easily download additional themes for free inside your WordPress Control Panel. With the choice of themes, setting up a blog is easier than ever before. It’s no longer necessary to struggle with coding or pay high-priced costs to have a website done. You don’t have to worry about websites building software.

There’s a second reason people are implementing blogs for online marketing:

2.) It’s great for monetization

“Monetization” simply means how you’ll be able to earn money with your blog, site or product. If you have a blog there are plenty of options to earn money. You can host Google AdSense ads on your blog, promote affiliate products (or yourself-made products) through your website, advertise your affiliate program on your blog, you can make t-shirts to sell on your blog, and you can even charge users to promote on your blog. It’s as easy as that.

Since I provide services and products, my favorite way to make money with my blog is to advertise my affiliate program on the blog. This is a way for me to encourage people who are trying for ways to earn a living to take a look at my tips in my blog posts – and be confident that my consulting services are even better than the information I offer on my blog. Then they go, and sign up as an affiliate and I’ll get a free advertisement to promote my services as a consultant.

You can make the same when you market any product or service or, you can go an entirely different approach and promote affiliate products. You can sign up to an CPA program (cost per click) and earn profits each time someone clicks an advertisement or link on your blog. There are endless options to choose from and the universe is your’s when it comes to online marketing for blogs.

Here’s another reason bloggers are popular:

3) Video blogs

Videos are extremely popular. They are the kind of blogs that the biggest entertainment companies , as well as small-time chefs use to get popular. If you’re a chef instead of taking the time to write about recipes or how you make something, you can simply make your own video and post it to your blog to let people see you actually making it. This can help to build the bond with your subscribers and frequent visitors.

If you’re watching a cooking video do you not want to know the amount of ingredients used and the proportion of ingredients that you’re using instead of researching it? Some people are just enjoying watching food being cooked. And should the time ever come for them to make the exact recipe themselves, they want to know exactly the sizes and quantities to add to the pan before they start off and make a complete disaster of the dish.

Video blogs are very popular. However, there’s a second reason it is important to market your blog online.

4) Content syndication

It’s an easy task to create a blog post, but it’s totally another aspect to create blog posts and publish it on and on the internet. Writing posts and uploading them to a custom site in an organized fashion is hard. When you upload content to an ordinary website, you have to worry about the structure of your URL and the way it is placed on the webpage, how it is arranged with ads as well as Google AdSense content, how to create a brief snippet of it, and etc. It’s a headache.

With a blog, all this is taken care of for you. Great link structure is created and maintained, you can modify your blog post with ease and you can style your blog post with ease around photos, ads, other links you have on your site as well as other links. Additionally, you can allow people to syndicate your content and even subscribe to your blog in just 1 simple click. Making your blog’s marketing online offers many advantages.

Blogs can be a powerful tool for growing your profits and sales. I hope you’re not thinking of blogs as a one-dimensional instrument. It’s definitely multi-dimensional. the extent to which you expand it depends solely on your creativity and marketing imagination.


Casino Reinvestment and Expansion

Proper Feeding and Care of the Golden Goose

In the current system of declining economic conditions in a variety in consumer expenditure, gambling establishments face particular challenges in determining how they both maintain profits while remaining competitive. These issues are made more complicated in the commercial gaming industry as tax rates rise, and within the Indian gaming industry, due to self-imposed tribal contributions to general funds and/or per capita distributions in addition to a growing trend in fee-based taxes that are imposed by states.

The process of determining how the amount of money to “render unto Caesar,” while securing the required funds to keep market share, increase market penetration , and increase profitability, is a daunting job that has to be properly thought out and executed.

It is in this setting and the author’s perspective that involves grade and time-tested knowledge of the creation and management of these kinds of investments, this article provides methods to design and prioritize the casino reinvestment strategy.

Cooked Goose

It is common sense not to cook the goose who lays golden eggs, it is astonishing how little attention is oft times paid to its regular care and feeding. Visit:-

When the new casino, tribal councils, investors and financiers are eager to reap the rewards . However, it is common not to put a significant portion of the money to the maintenance and enhancement of assets. Thus, begging the question what percentage of profits should be allocated to the reinvestment process, and to the goals.

In the sense that each project comes with their own set of circumstances, there are no hard and speedy guidelines. For the most part most of the major casino operators do not pay net profits as dividends to stockholders, but rather reinvest them into improvements to their existing facilities while seeking new locations. Some such programs also funded through additional equity or debt offerings. The lower tax rates on corporate dividends are likely to alter the focus on these methods of financing however, they must still maintain the prudence and prudence in business that comes from ongoing investing.
Profit Allocation

Collectively before the present economic climate, public companies were operating with a ratio of net profits (earnings prior to income taxes and depreciation) that is about 25% of income after deducting the income tax and interest. On average, almost two-thirds of the remaining profits are used for reinvestment and asset replacement.

Casinos operating in low tax rates on gaming are more readily able to return capital to their properties, which in turn increases revenues that can ultimately benefit the tax base. New Jersey is a good examplebecause it has a law that requires certain reinvestment allocationsin order to act as to boost revenue. Other states, like Illinois and Indiana with higher effective rates, are at the risk of delaying the amount of investment that could eventually reduce the casino’s ability to increase market penetration, especially as neighboring states get more competitive. Furthermore, a well-run management system can result in higher profits for reinvestment. This is due to both efficient operations and favorable equity and loan offerings.

How a casino enterprise decides to distribute its casino earnings is a crucial factor in determining its long-term viability and should be an integral part of the initial strategy. While loan amortization and debt prepayment schemes may initially appear desirable to swiftly come out under the obligation but they also limit the capacity to reinvest or expand on a timely basis. This is true in the case of any profit distributions, whether to investors or, in the case of Indian gaming , distributions to a tribe’s general fund to pay for infrastructure or per capita payments.

In addition, many lenders make the error of requiring too much reserve for debt service and putting restrictions on reinvestment as well as additional leverage that could seriously restrict a specific project’s ability to remain competitive and/or make the most of available opportunities.

Although we don’t advocate that all profits should be reinvested into the operation We encourage the consideration of an allocation plan that considers what are the “real” costs of maintaining the asset as well as maximizing the impact of this program.

Establishing Priorities

There are three key areas of capital allocation that need to be considered, as illustrated below and in order of priority.

1. Maintenance and Replacement
2. Cost Savings
3. Revenue Enhancement/Growth

The first two aspects are quite easy to grasp, in that they have a direct affect on market positioning and enhancing profitability. However the third is more complicated in that it has more of an indirect influence which requires an understanding of the market dynamics as well as a higher level of risk for investment. All aspects that are herewith discussed further.

Maintenance & Replacement

Maintenance and Replacement plans should be a regular function of the casino’s annual budget that is a reserve that is based on projected replacement costs of fixtures, furniture equipment, building systems and landscaping. It is not uncommon to receive annual lists of wishes which do not correspond to the actual wear & wear of these items. It is therefore essential to properly plan the replacement schedule, and allocate funds that don’t have to actually be incurred during the year of accrual. In the beginning, it might not be necessary to spend any money for the replacement of brand new assets, but by the accumulation of funds that are reserved for recycling purposes, it will mean that you do not have to search for funds at times when they are needed most.

One particular area to be considered is the slot machine, whose the replacement time has been shorter in recent times, as more modern games and technologies are being developed at a faster rate as competition dictates.

Cost Savings

Investments in cost savings programs & systems are, by their very nature and should be considered more secure use of profit allocation than nearly any other investment. These items can often take the form of innovative energy saving systems or products for labor savings as well as more efficient buying intermediation, and interest reductions.

There are some caveats to these products and one of them is to carefully analyze their claimed savings against your own particular application, as often times the claims made by the company are exaggerated. Lease buy-outs as well as long-term prepayments of debt can be advantageous, especially when the obligations were entered into during the development stage when equity funds may have been limited. In these situations, it’s crucial to consider this strategy’s net effect for the business’s bottom line in comparison with alternative applications of the funds to boost revenue or invest in growth.

One recent trend is the rising popularity of cash-less slot systems that not only offer labor savings for fills count and hand-pays they also provide an aid to those who aren’t keen to carry around the heavy coin buckets, while also encouraging multi-game play.
Revenue Enhancing & Growth

Leveraging is the most important driving force behind any growth/revenue related investment. It includes:

o Patronage Base
o Available Funds
o Lands
O Marketing Clout
Management Experience

The idea is to maximize the power of the assets to increase revenues and profit. Common examples include increasing consumption of base patronage and expanding the trading range by offering additional items or services, such as retail stores, entertainment alternatives recreation and leisure facilities including overnight accommodation, more restaurant choices, and of course, expanding gaming.

Master Plan

Anticipation of potential expansion and growth needs to be integrated into the initial master plan so that it assure cohesive implementation of all the components of a phased-in plan as well as allowing for the minimum amount of interruption to operations. It’s often not possible to anticipate market changes which is why expansion options should be considered in detail.

The Big Picture

Before embarking on any kind of improvement or expansion plan, we strongly recommend first stepping back and reviewing your property’s current position in relation to the competitive environment. As we’ve seen in a variety of gaming jurisdictions across the country, often , casino ventures that were operating “fat and happy” for a few years, find themselves in a stagnant period. Sometimes this is due to competition from local area casinos or regional locations that reduce patronage from peripheral area markets. Furthermore, the existing customers may get bored with their experience and seek out new opportunities. The growth history of the Las Vegas strip is testament to the success of continually “reinventing” oneself.

Our approach to these market studies is initially focused on determining the degree to the present facility is penetrating the potential market and in relationship to market share of competitors. It is typically an analysis of the current patronage base using data gathered from the player database for tracking and mailing lists, coupled with day-part daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal revenue trends.

The information is then correlated by a review of overall market potential to indicate how much market segments are utilizing the facility as well as the requirements it meets. What is even more important is that this type of analysis will identify markets that aren’t taking advantage of the facility more and also the reason for that.

Occasion Segmentation

Our own research has found, the markets for casino are separated by various aspects of event-based use, as well as regular patterns of spending and visitation. The traditional methods of market measurements, including gravity models, usually only weigh the demographic characteristics of a specific population by comparing revenues in similar markets. However, an occasion segmentation market analysis offers more precise details about the factors for a visit to a gambling establishment, how they relate to the advantages desired, and the extent to which the occasion determines the frequency of visitation and average spending. This kind analysis of information mining can be more effective than gravity modeling, in that it can aid in determining the types of infrastructure and positioning strategies required to attract every market segment by evaluating their contribution to the overall potential. The method has been used successfully in the restaurant business and other leisure time service industries particularly in the context of a growing demand and supply market.

And perhaps more importantly considering it from an event-based viewpoint, shows the magnitude and characteristics of the underling competition, that, in many instances, doesn’t just include other casinos, however, also other entertainment and leisure-time activities like restaurants, clubs theaters, and the like.

Demand Density

Another important aspect of occasion segmentation is in measuring overall market characteristics by day-parts, that is revenue density by time of day, day per week, weekly, monthly and seasonalally. This is especially important data when casino venues are seeking to lessen any higher than normal fluctuations that may occur between a quiet Monday morning and a crowded Saturday night or experience severe seasonal variations.

By dividing markets according to their patterns of demand in this way, a better understanding could be gained on which amenities can be used to help strengthen weak demand periods, and the ones that can be detrimental to already high-volume peak periods.

Many expansion programs tend to make the mistake of configuring additional amenities such as high-end hotels and restaurants in accordance with peak demand periods. Therefore, the effect of the cost and expenses associated with these investments could negate any contribution they could make to a rise in gaming revenues. Instead, “fill-in” markets are the most effective way to increase overall revenues, as they utilize existing capacities. Las Vegas has achieved great success in creating strong mid-week activity through promotion of its extensive conference/convention facilities.

Amenity Driven Markets

Another benefit of utilizing occasion-segmentation is its ability to also indicate the potential impact certain amenities have on “impelling” visitation. While gravity models analyze the characteristics of gambling-related spending of a specific market but they cannot quantify the effect of other activities not based on gaming that might nonetheless generate casino traffic.

Relevant data on the use of restaurants by the general public entertainment, entertainment, and weekend getaways can often form the basis upon what to target the amenities to cater to these markets and, in turn it can increase the amount of people visiting. Although many of these people could or might not be using the casino however, their exposure to the opportunity may hasten their use and create an additional revenue source.

If we take a look back at an Las Vegas paradigm, more and more resorts are producing more, if not more than gaming revenues. This is because their hotels and restaurants are less and less subsidized, and together with their growing retail element, represent strong contributors towards the overall bottom line.

Program Development

When you have a good understanding of the market dynamics that are affecting the market, both in terms of the facility’s market share/penetration rates in relation to the competitive mix and also the overall usage in the market. A matrix can be created that sets both the demands and the supplies. This function seeks to identify areas that are not being met demand or supply issues, which provides the basis for the creation of suitable amenities, upgrades, and expansion strategy and criteria.

Impact Criteria

There are two kinds of strategies for expansion and upgrade that are subsidized and profit-centers. Subsidized components could include adding or improving amenities that will further widen the share of the gaming market, thusly having a direct influence on the growth of casino revenues Profit centers are designed to increase patrons’ current patterns of patronage by offering additional spending possibilities, as well as having an indirect effect on the gaming activities. Although many of the conventional amenities, such as hotels, restaurants, retail establishments, entertainment venues, and leisure facilities could fall into one or both of these categories. However, it’s essential to differentiate between them, so as to clear the development and design criteria.


As previously mentioned, Las Vegas continually seeks to improve its own model to attract more repeat visitors. which can result in an effect of snowballing because each location must stay on top of its neighbor. Upgrading programs, which could include making a fresh and modern design, functions like an insurance policy against slipping revenues, and do not necessarily correspond with any incremental growth per se. While not meant to be interpreted as replacement programs of worn carpeting and recycling of slot machines the upgrade plan should try to bring new energy into the building in terms of ambiance, quality of designs, finishes, and overall décor.

The expansion of capacity already in place is less a function of market analysis, and more an act that of “making hay while the sun shines,” basing it on knowing the patterns of visitation. Backups from patrons for restaurants and gaming tables are both good and bad, based on when they occur and how often. In the case of high per position daily net wins aren’t necessarily indicative of a prospering casino, because they can also indicate missed opportunities due to insufficient games. However, more players are not always going to yield the same numbers.

In the beginning, when determining capacities for an upcoming facility, it is essential to fully evaluate the demand patterns and their parts of the day that will allow for maximum capacity during peak times while minimizing inefficiency – when the price associated with additional capacity is overshadowed by the net profit potential.



Blog – Five Easy Blogging Tips For a Profitable Blog

Creating a blog is an easy method to start earning money online. But, just like any business, you need to be aware of the profitability of your blog. If you’re new to blogging, these five tips will help you to make money through your blog.

1. Set blog goals

It is recommended that you establish your blog’s objectives before you begin creating your blog.

If you decide on your goals before you start you’ll be in a position to estimate the potential traffic that you can bring to your blog and the revenue you’ll earn. Visit:-

Before you begin creating your blog, make a note of:

The blog’s subject (for example: digital photography, or food tips, or whatever topic you’d like to create your blog on);

Make use of keyword research tools to figure out how many people are looking for your blog’s subject daily on the web:

If there’s less than 100 searches, look for a different subject. Don’t shy away from subjects that have a lot of competition. Lots of competition implies that there’s a lot of interest as well as a significant amount of visitors too. If your subject has more than 5000 searches per day as well as millions of Web pages, then go ahead and start a blog.

* Decide how you’ll earn money through your blog. Will you offer advertising space? Sell products? Make a list of revenue streams for your blog;

Calculate the amount of money your blog can earn in your first, second third and fifth year. This is, of course, a lot of guesswork, however it will motivate you to keep blogging as you realize your blog’s potential.

If you’re brand-new to blogging, and have no idea of how to establish your blog’s goals, then find a mentor for your blog, or post questions on forums. Your blog has the potential to make a great income for you, if you treat your blogging as a real business.

You’ve decided on a few expectations for your blog, you can set up your blog and start with the blogging.

2. Diversify your blog revenue

In the first year of blogging, you should concentrate on creating posts for your blog, and experiment with various forms of income. There’s always an income-generating software that’s out, so try your luck with as many sources of income as you are able to.

3. Make sure you are focusing on the content. it useful

The more extensive your blog is, the more traffic you’ll get from search engines and the more visitors you’ll get. So, focus on creating good articles for the blog. Your time spent in content will be well-rewarded.

4. Be sure to include keywords in your blog posts.

After a few months old, the search engines will begin sending your site traffic. Continue to attract traffic through writing blog posts that include keywords, but do not go overboard. If you write you’ll get lots of “long tail” searchers.

5. Blog posts are a great way to get noticed.

If your blog is earning income, set aside some of the earnings to advertise your blog. There are a variety of ways in which you can promote your blog. Once again, test to determine which types of marketing work best for your particular needs.

Watch for the advertisements of other bloggers If you observe that bloggers are advertising in a specific location month in and month out, you’ll be able to know that it’s profitable for them and might be profitable for youtoo.



Start One For Your Business Today

In this day of age everybody loves blogs and that includes Google. Well as you will learn whether you’ve already when Google loves something you have no choice but to love it and begin to develop feelings for it to. The following article explains the reasons why blogs are search engine optimizer’s greatest friend and why they should (if they haven’t already) become a major part of your company’s online strategy, if you wish to boost revenue and traffic.

Blogs help search engines to comprehend their content , which makes it easier for you to impress the search engines and get ranked on the first page of results for your primary keywords. Almost all blogging software organizes posts and data through categories that let you arrange your content according to specific themes.

The most important thing is that blog architecture and effective category usage ensure that your primary keywords and phrases very easy for search engines to discover, index and rank. To comprehend how this works, you must understand the role of blogs in comparison to your traditional web site. Visit:-

Let’s suppose you publish an post on your conventional website on how awesome the product you sell. This article is placed on one page and maybe one or two links from your home page or internal pages that link to it. This means you give the search engines only one or two chances of finding and indexing your article.

Then you publish the identical article on your blog. The blog software posts the article on your main blog’s page, which is a long list normally sorted by the date you last posted your blog posts. The article gets its own page within your blog. If you assign the article to one of the categories, the article is again posted to that particular category page. In the case of one article, you just got three different pages on your blog that feature your article as well as hyperlinks with keyword rich content throughout your blog that link back to the original article. For more exposure, add your article to more than one category that is relevant and receive many more pages and links on your site with the article you wrote about it.

Search engines are awestruck by keyword rich hyperlinks that can lead you to content rich articles that are focused on your key keyword phrases. To maximize the exposure and keyword rich links a blog gives you for just one single article post will take a long time for a typical site.

Blog posts can also be placed into RSS feeds automatically with no extra effort from the blog’s webmaster. In this case, anyone online and even other blogs can be subscribed to receive notifications each time you create a an update to your blog. If you RSS feeds get syndicated as this , embedded links back to your blog and your article are added. This means that even more links are made and posted on other websites across the Internet which link into your site. In just one post you created a number of keywords rich internal links, and then a large number (possibly 100’s) of highly targeted external hyperlinks. If you’re RSS feed is uploaded to blogs or an RSS directory, you could be indexed by blog and RSS search engines, where businesses competing with you aren’t listed because they do not have blogs or RSS feed.

Blogs aren’t something you create and let rest. It is essential to constantly maintain and regularly update your blog with fresh blog posts and content, otherwise you’ll lose your RSS feed subscribers and erase the SEO advantages you gained when you first began your blog. These updates do take time but they make Google or other Google search engine similar to them more powerful. New content is updated regularly, which is a sign that search engines will be constantly searching your website using their spiders. They will index increasing the number of pages on your blog. As opposed to a static site that does not get updated frequently, you’ll enjoy an advantage in getting ranked for your dream phrases in Google. The more pages that Google has crawled for your site, the more relevant your website grows and the greater the authority that each of your articles has in gaining a higher rank over your competitors for a particular key word or phrase. Your blog can also force you to be on top of your business and keep it modern and up-to-date with new concepts and enthusiasm.

Therefore, I hope that at this point that you have a clear understanding of the immense SEO advantages of having a blog connected to your website and business. Numerous keyword rich internal and external links and continuous monitoring and crawling by Google and other search engine. But guess what? Blogs are even more beneficial then this.

Blogs with active readers who make comments on articles and posts are like mini online communities. The readers link to their most popular blogs via online profiles and constantly interact with the blog. Now you do not have to handle all the work your self because you’ve got someone else to begin giving you even more links and more references to your business all over the Internet. In this day of age blogs are a invaluable asset to your SEO and online marketing strategies and should never be ignored.