Anglian Salt - Harleston, Norfolk, UK

Anglian Salt Products

The products that Anglian Salt sell cover wide applications in today's usage of salt.

Aquasol Salt TabletsOne of the most important of these is the rise in demand for water softening systems from industrial and domestic users in hard water areas.
Salt plays an important role in the water softening process, and Anglian Salt sells the brand leading products to suit this demand, both for water softeners and for dishwashers.

Aquasol Salt Tablets and Granulite, manufactured by compaction technology, are both premium salts sold by Anglian Salt, and these, with Hydrosoft Salt Tablets and Hydrosoft Granular Salt, are the premium products that cover this market.

Food Application is another large area where salt is used, either as a taste enhancer, flavouring for basic foods, as a preservative for meat and fish, and as an ingredient for canned and frozen convenience foods.

The Chemical Industry also, are large users of salt, either in the production of chlorine, hydrochloric, caustic soda, and hydrochloric acid. Also in plastics, drinking water purification, pharmaceuticals, and detergents. As a regenerate for ion exchange resins used to either soften or treat water.

Again, Anglian Salt has the products to supply the needs for these requirements, both with Rock Salt, and a clean. white, de-icing salt.

Anglian Salt has the benefit of a close relationship with British Salt, who, as leading manufacturer of salt, has the research and development expertise to assist in any technical information that may be required.


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