Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of softened water?

  • Softened Water improves the efficiency of heating systems
  • Softened Water has a clean, silky feeling
  • Softened Water makes hair soft and easy to manage
  • Softened Water rinses away without unsightly white stains
  • Softened Water saves considerable cleaning time
  • Softened Water makes laundry brighter and glasses & dishes sparkle
  • Softened Water saves up to 50% of washing powder and toilet soap consumption

SaltAre the brands of salt stocked suitable for my water softener?

  • Yes. All brands of salt stocked by Anglian Salt are okay for all makes of water softeners.
    Because of the high purity of the salts stocked they ensure that the brine does not damage the integrity of the resin, the valves or the vessel used in your water softener.

Does Anglian Salt deliver in the East Anglian area or may we collect?

  • Yes, Anglian Salt delivers throughout the East Anglian area, and Yes, the customer may, if required, collect their supplies.

Does Anglian Salt have specific days for delivery in certain areas?

  • Anglian Salt does not have specific days for deliveries, but can offer delivery in the East Anglian area usually within 2/3 days of ordering, and in many instances a same day delivery service.

What sort of quantities can the customer collect or be delivered by Anglian Salt?

  • Customer may collect from our warehouse from 1 x 25 kg bag upwards, and delivery can be from 5 x 25kg bags up to 20 tonne loads

How many bags are on a pallet and what is the weight?

  • There are 49 x 25 kg bags, shrink wrapped, on a pallet and the weight is 1.225 tonnes

Can Anglian Salt supply technical information of the salt products they stock?

  • Yes. Technical information is available, and Anglian Salt is supported by British Salt who have the latest research and development available if required.

Can Anglian Salt supply bulk salt for silo or saturator storage?

  • Yes. This facility is available from Anglian Salt and details can be given on request.


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