How to Choose A Blog That Is Right For You

You’ve decided you’d like to start an online blog but you’re not sure where to start? Don’t be concerned because the fact that your reading this article right now suggests that you are concerned about the overall end result. We’ll get right to the brass nails!

According to a recent study, there are literally over a hundred thousand blog sites made every day. I’m not sure how many of them are serious about maintaining one but it’s important to acknowledge that there is a huge amount of new blogs being created every day. What’s important, is that this gives immediate insight that blogging is an effective tool that’s probably here to endure.

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The process of starting blogs is relatively simple to get started, but taking a moment to think to its overall strategy, effectiveness, and implementation can be a significant step. While this post is not designed to be comprehensive It will offer some guidelines and tips on how to begin blogging with a professional straight out of the gate.

Selecting a Domain Name for Your Blog Most likely one of the most fun of the tasks to complete when the process of starting a blog is selecting a domain name. However, don’t make a decision too quickly, because you make overlook some subtleties that may impact the long-term viability of your blog strategy.

Beyond the simple fact of picking catchy names there are four primary domain structures one can choose from. The first three require cash investment, while the third option is virtually free.

Choosing a stand-alone domain: believe it or not this choice is not for everyone. If you choose this option the blog you create is a stand-alone website and will be distinct from other websites that you might have. If you’re trying to create connections to your established business or website it might not be the best option for you because you’ll need to try more to connect to other Internet website you may own. This means that linking (an crucial aspect to making your blog more popular) will not be so easy since you’ll need to begin at the beginning of establishing your blog. One advantage is that you’ll be able to choose an appealing name that other people might remember easily and can have a positive impact on the popularity of your blog.

Choosing a sub domain:– if you run a large corporate site and would like to brand your blog but would rather have your blog act as a separate website then this option works best. However, the cons are similar with a stand-alone blog in that your blog is treated as a separate identity. In most cases I’m still a supporter of having your blog become a part of our website due to the reasons I’ve listed below.

Choosing a blog as an underdirectory on another site: one of the most misunderstood options of beginning a blog is by using one of your existing domains and extending your blog from it. The reason behind doing this has a number of advantages. One is that you will gain an immediate benefit from the links your site has, which will make your blog more popular. Secondly your blog will keep the image of your brand and your company, helping your website or business gain traction. Lastly, blogs and other websites could choose to link to your website’s homepage and therefore take two birds off of one stone. If you’re unsure of the most effective of these three methods, I’d suggest this method even if you don’t have web presence.

Choosing a free blog platform: in this last scenario, and most popular I might add, your blog will act as a subdomain from another blogging provider company. The most popular being Blogger’s Don’t be discouraged by the fact that it’s not your name outright. There are plenty of bloggers who run blogs using free blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress. The biggest drawback is that if you want to ever choose to move your blogto another site, maintaining the popularity of your blog will be more difficult. If you’re just beginning your journey and are not sure if you’d like to keep your blog, this alternative is best for your because you’ll literally have no investment to invest other than your time in creating your blog. However, if your serious about getting about blogging and you want to become a pro out of the box, the preceding three options will be better for you.

Choosing a Blogging Host Service If you decide to go with one of these three choices, you’ll probably need an internet hosting provider. As with any other website there are plenty of options to take into consideration before you jump with two feet forward. The most obvious is the cost.

The good news is that blogs typically don’t require a large amount of hosting charges. There are many budget-friendly hosting options to choose from such as or However, as with everything else, you will get only what you are paying for. If you’re looking for top-quality customer support at the drop the hat, you will need a higher quality hosting service. Prices can range from $8 up to $150 per month or higher depending on your needs. Additionally, the majority of hosting providers offer domain registration at a low or no extra cost so that you can make a one-stop shop. If you can, given that blogging and blogs are both extremely popular, many offer automatic blog software installation which makes it simple for anybody to start a blog even if they aren’t tech savvy.


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