Mobile Oil Change Vans and Packages Available

There are many who wish to get into the mobile oil change industry and there are many packages available on the Internet for this. Being in the mobile auto services for over 27 years, it has always been an area of curiosity to me to know how to best put together the perfect van or rig setup to be the most efficient that it could be.

In this way, you will be able to best provide the best customer service and also earn money as well. Since you’re running a small business regardless of how small, one of your main goals is to earn money, isn’t it? So, just recently I was approached Car directory by a gentleman to let him know how much it will cost to purchase a mobile oil change van and package.

Well, we do not sell Mobile Oil Change Vans, or products. I’m not able to comprehend the reason for this or what prompted him to this false and untrue thoughts. We don’t sell any products or Offer anything to the public? Yet having been in the auto mobile service business , he believed we offered items for other businesses to establish their business? I’ll let you know that this market is way too wonderful to not share.

Nevertheless I do have some thoughts on this ready-to-go Mobile Oil Change Business Opportunity Sector, since I know some basics about the industry. But before I can give any suggestions, I need to be aware of his market Area and the types of customers, and the number of vehicles proposed per day or perhaps I’ll be able send him a web address of someone who does sell the products. Perhaps assist him in finding the equipment needed so you can build one yourself.

When it comes to who sells the most efficient products or has the best price, frequently it’s more dependent on your requirements and specs as opposed to who has the top so-called “Package” because packages are made by people who make assumptions on your requirements, and as such, packages are not necessarily the best. That is to say they are built by people who put pieces together to make a package, and they also find their own suppliers, which means, they often fall short in the end-user’s needs. Does this make sense to you? Take a look at this in 2006.


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