Message From the Universe

“Sure, I used to believe in accidents, coincidences, and chance… until one day that I will never forget, when I stared out at the world through your own eyes and heard it through your ears, felt it in your heart, all while thinking of your own thoughts, and all at when I realized that you had become everything I’d ever dreamed you’d be.

It was an impressive effort.
The Universe”

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IF the Universe trusts in you, then I’d recommend you to go out and pursue your goals. Take a moment to look at yourself from the outside. Look back over the years and see the present situation. We often criticize ourselves for the things we do not have or the wealth that we’ve never gotten, for the body we’ve fought to get but can’t, for the job we have been searching for but couldn’t locate. Everyday we ask ourselves why we aren’t blessed with the things we want or hope for. IF the adage: “Thoughts become things” is true, then we must ask ourselves: “Where are my things?. Everyday, I am filled with positive thoughts, but nothing comes of it. Why do my dreams do not come true?”. Let me ask you this question. Are your actions and beliefs in line with your beliefs? Do you think it’s just a thought process or do you really believe or understand what you’re asking? The Universe is a force that is simple that is a combination of not just the Laws of gravity but also the laws of Attraction. The Universe will answer your requests if you communicate clearly and concisely with it. But, this is only possible if that you’ve done all you can to stay true to yourself. You can’t engage in mind-games with the Universe. It is essential to work on realigning your thoughts to your beliefs or you’ll see a lack of any results. Inevitably, you will give up on the Laws of Attraction. It is the basis of causality. It is among the most fundamental laws in the Universe.

No one is perfect nor is it possible to claim they are near to being perfect. There are baggages that brings into our lives . It is our responsibility to decide what baggage to leave at the airport and the ones that we should bring into our lives. Learner baggage is the best to keep. You want to better yourself throughout the process of becoming a greater person. Do not be scared of who you are, because you realize that fear is a product of your mind. Einstein once said that “Problems aren’t solved by the mind that made them.” Are you really willing to solve all problems and not know how to solve them? There are some who might be confused by the quote because it might cause you to wonder about the source of each problems that you will be able to resolve. You might say: “Well, Dan, at work, I’m an expert in problem solving and I can solve problems, so what’s the issue?” That is because the problem that came to your wasn’t created by your own mind. It was an external problem that your mind is taught to solve due to your experiences and knowledge. External assistance is needed to resolve emotional turmoil/problems that you create in your mind. In order to find a solution it is necessary to seek an outside perspective. We have psychologists, life coaches psychiatrists, and other experts to assist you. With this new information, do not feel that you are not worthy of assistance from other people, you will be sure to get quick solutions and progress towards your objectives.

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