Present Gold Investment Demand

Investing in gold has been very strong these days. Look at the previous year to get a clear idea. According to GFMS statistics, mining production increased by about 6% and gold supply increased by 26% in 2009. The most promising data was that investment in gold increased from 885 tonnes in 2008 to 1820 tonnes in 2009. This is truly spectacular, as it is clear that global demand has increased by 105%. In India, the world’s leading gold market, investment in gold increased by about 500% in the second half of 2009.

According to WGC (World Gold Council) statistics, the demand for investment in gold has increased to 221 tonnes, much higher than last time. Retail investment (gold coins and bars) increased by at least 22% in 2009. Visit:-
This increase in investment in gold was due to the economic crisis that struck the market about a year ago. Investors then turn to stronger and safer assets such as gold. Ignots are great for providing coverage in highly unpredictable socio-economic situations.
Gold now seems to support a fully vibrant market and encourage stronger investment. Today, there is growing awareness of gold as an important investment tool. Many investors are looking at exchange-traded funds, which have become the most popular hedge against the recession. Currently, investments in ETFs make up the majority of all investments in Ignots. The main reason for this huge demand for gold investment is the belief that the growth rate of gold demand will soon exceed the supply of gold. The economic downturn has forced many investors to adjust their investment portfolios. Therefore, they naturally set out to invest in gold. Today, most wise investors hold about 10% of their investment in gold assets.
Gold is inversely correlated with the dollar. This means that every time the dollar falls and threatens to fall further, the demand for investment in gold increases. The most important central banks of the countries of the world are the largest owners of gold. Now that these central banks have become gold wholesalers rather than wholesalers (as they did a while ago), the demand for gold is skyrocketing.

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