How To Play Zombie Paintball

As the newest trend for haunted houses the zombie paintball hayrides have been popping up all over in the Halloween season. These games are fun and safe for all. The fundamental concept behind zombie paintball involves everyone getting into a haywagon and carrying a loaded paintball weapon.

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When the players are taken through the course shooting at other players dressed in costumes of the undead. For most games designed to the general public, the zombies are not armed so they do not shoot back. The zombies in these games are a bunch of scary flesh that you can blast with paintballs. The role of a zombie worker isn’t an easy one. The zombie hayride can be an exciting and terrifying experience which can be enjoyed provided it’s done properly.

There’s no reason to wait for Halloween to enjoy zombie paintball. You can also play different games just as enjoyable. These games are played at any time during the season on the field adjacent to your home. These variations of zombie games are perfect for players who play often. Zombie paintball is a great idea as a theme for a birthday party or Halloween celebration. If you are playing for fun it isn’t necessary to have many additional paintball supplies similar to what a professional field businesses would need. If you have the budget but, having more extravagant costumes and props can enhance your experience and enjoyable. There is no need to provide for the entire populace, therefore you don’t need to purchase a massive hay wagon for transporting players. For a more exciting and engaging game, you can arm the zombies with paintball guns to allow them to shoot back.

There are between 8 and 10 people to play zombie paintball. But, the more players you have more players, the better. More people means more zombies and more fun. Split into two teams, each with numbers that correspond to the game variant you choose. The game is played with two teams: zombies. humans, each equipped with paintball guns. Each team will strive to take out the other however the difference is that zombies aren’t killed by head shots. They can also be repeatedly hit throughout the body, but they are not eliminated. If an animal is shot by a zombie, the human is incapacitated for a short period of duration (5 minutes) and then can continue to act as a zombie attempting to kill humans. Whatever the skill level of the human team is, ultimately the zombie team will overwhelm the humans nearly every time. The reason is that head shots are extremely difficult to master in paintball if you don’t know the rules or have a precise enough marker. This is why it is recommended to divide your teams into groups with slightly less zombies and a lot more human players in the beginning.

A bigger group is the most effective option to play paintball with zombies. The game is played with three players with one zombie and two teams of humans. Two of the human teams has guns and the other team has no guns. The team carrying guns is in charge of safeguarding the team without guns when they travel through the zombie-infested wasteland. The job of the zombies is to eliminate the guardians so that they can eat non-armed human beings. It is best if the arm-in-arm human team outnumbers the non-armed players as much as possible (for instance, out of the eight players, 3 are unarmed, 5 have guns, and 3 are protected by the three). The game is extremely enjoyable and requires both sides in order to succeed. To take out zombies who are armed the players must kill them. However, unarmed zombies can contact the unarmed group in order to be removed. This could be as simple as a tap on the back or a full-on tackle, it brings a whole new level of excitement to an already fast paced high adrenaline-pumping game.

Apart from the normal equipment aside from the usual equipment, you won’t need many additional items for playing zombie paintball. There will be some specific rules for playing zombie paintball. Whatever way you choose to play, zombies are sure be hit by the most paintballs, therefore their protection gear must be the top priority. Your zombies must be wearing protection gear from head to toe if you plan to organize a paintball hayride. The protective gear you need includes: shin guards and knee/elbow pads or armored shirts; arm/forearm padding; gloves, neck protector and goggles. Paintball goggles work best for zombies. They are able to be worn over full-face masks so that the protective eyewear doesn’t interfere. Goggles will fit perfectly over scary masks if you choose to wear them instead. Choose zombie masks knowing you’ll also have to wear protective eye wear. For instance, you can choose a very loose mask to allow paintball goggles to be placed underneath, or choose a strict mask (or face paint) for outer wear goggles. Cheap vinyl paintball jumpsuits are also available and great to cover zombies for an unifying look, and give you a bit more security.

Before you play, make a decision on the other aspects of the game which will determine the how skilled the players are. Do you prefer fast or slow zombies? Slow zombies who plod around are easy targets better for novice players, however they are extremely difficult for zombies. Faster zombies are exciting and scary, they can make the game more appealing to the brave. The most important decision is what your zombies be wearing to differentiate themselves from human players. They can wear frightening masks for Halloween or face paint, or they can have simple colored bands tied to their arms. The armband option is the most affordable and simplest option, but spending time effort, money and effort into the details can result in an experience that will not be lost. The coveralls made of vinyl are available in either vibrant hunter orange or camouflage. Orange makes your zombies stick out and is easy to spot, while camo helps them hide for a much more challenging game. In addition, glow-in-the dark paintballs are available to make playing at night or in dusk very fun and right with the theme.

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